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Bookkepping Services


Intensive Financial Service Inc. provides accounting service that involves complete bookkeeping services for small businesses, middle size business, large companies and startup business. Our goal is to manage your books and records accurately by providing the necessary bookkeeping services that will help improve your business financial position, eliminate overhead waste and help you see how to maximize your business asset to achieve your business goals. We provide monthly analytical statement on operation of the business and ways to cut down on waste and improve the efficiency of the day to day running of the business.

Bookkeeping services involves entering of invoices and posting of payments received to recreate account receivable. Additional bookkeeping service also involves account payable entry for companies involving bill recording and check writing to pay of outstanding monthly debt. Monthly bank reconciliation of all bank accounts for different companies is performed timely and accurately as part of our bookkeeping services on a monthly basis.

Our Accounting firm is available to provide Data entry of any source based on client request as an addition services for our clients bookkeeping needs in any computer software. Our Accounting firm has helped and continues to help small business owners, Medical office, Retail Shops, Law offices, Catering shops etc. to meet their daily bookkeeping needs while helping the business grow by providing financial statement analysis to management on how the business is doing and year to year comparison of cash flow statement and Income Statement .

Looking for a bookkeeping service for your business in the Bronx, New York City area as well as Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan call us now at

718-378-2610 or email us at and lets start working toward a brighter future for your business, consultation are free. Our teams of tax accountant are glad to help provide a reliable bookkeeping service at your request. Call us Now!

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