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Intensive Financial service specialized in providing quality affordable accounting service such as  bookkeeping service, payroll services , tax preparation service , IRS audit representation, Income Tax Return preparation Service, Corporate Tax Return preparation service, Not for profit tax return preparation service,Partnership tax return preparation service,small business Accounting service  and consulting services for all our clients Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, New York City, New York City, Newark, New Jersey, connecticut, Boston + Intensive Financial Service Inc is located at 1796 Vyse Avenue, Bronx, NY 10460. Bronx Tax Office, Bronx Accounting firm. We serve other location like Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, NewJersey.


                                         Individual Tax Returns (Income Tax Return)

Our tax preparation service involves preparing federal and State individual tax returns (Form 1040) also known as income tax return service for all 52 states without coming to our office in the Bronx, New York City location. Our tax preparation service involves effective tax planning procedure during the year to achieve your long term, annual and mid-year tax goals. Our team of tax accountant and professionals will do the needed research in the ever changing tax laws to see the best approach we can employ that can help minimize your tax liability and tax payment to the IRS or to the state department of taxation. Our income tax preparation service (Income Tax Return Service) involves a great deal of tax planning strategies during the year to help achieve the goal in tax savings. Our tax return service involving Income Tax Return Service involve preparing federal form 1040 and all necessary schedules such as schedule A, schedule B, schedule C, schedule E etc. and the accompanying state returns depending on client’s state location. Our accounting firm provides full audit representation for clients going through income tax audit with the IRS or state department of taxation for unfiled years of tax returns or for unpaid debt to the IRS or for wage garnishment and bank levy by the IRS.

Business Tax Returns (Corporate Tax Return Preparation Service)

Intensive financial Service Inc. is a tax firm in the Bronx, New York City area that believes in providing the highest quality corporate tax return preparation service to all our clients. Our CPA Firm are made up of experience tax accountant that specialize in corporate tax law and research and as well as preparing the financial statement accurately or review of outside prepared financial statement to ensure accuracy before engaging in corporate tax return preparation service. Our tax preparation service includes preparing Form 1120 (Corporate Tax Return), Form 1120S (S-Corporation tax return), Estates and Trusts tax returns, not for profit tax returns (also known as 990 tax return preparation services), partnership tax return (Form 1065) and sales tax return. Intensive financial service specialized in the formation of not for profit organization and preparation of financial statement for not for profit organization as well as filing the not for profit tax return. Our tax preparation service involves preparing a variety of business tax return (Corporate tax Return) for all type of companies such as retail stores, medical office, restaurants, catering store, professional office, not for profit organization, pharmacy store etc., all throughout the year for all 52 states. As part of a tax preparation service we help clients with their tax disputes in relation to their corporate tax return debt or filing issues with the IRS or with the State Department of taxation.

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